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Master the clean exit! Discover secrets of M&A Masters. You’ll hear inside interviews with M&A advisors, attorneys, investment bankers, private equity players, and the entrepreneurs themselves. If you ever want to sell your business this is a must-listen podcast.

Rubicon - Justin Smith | Scaling Family Businesses

Justin Smith | Scaling Family Businesses

Why do M&A Masters love the lower middle market? You get the opportunity to aggressively scale family businesses… In this episode, I’m joined by Justin Smith of LongWater Opportunities, a private equity firm based in the Midwest. Justin’s firm has firsthand experience growing family businesses, and he’s here to share his expertise.

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Jeffrey Brooker | An Inside Look at the Independent Sponsor Conference 

Jeffrey Brooker | An Inside Look at the Independent Sponsor Conference 

If you’re an independent sponsor or a capital provider, you won’t want to miss the upcoming Independent Sponsor Conference…    Featuring one-on-one networking meetings with people hand-selected to match you…    This is an unbeatable opportunity to connect with someone and lay the groundwork for deals…  In this episode, Jeffrey Brooker, an organizer of the conference, is here to give you all the details on what to expect.  Jeffrey also gives insight into the role of an independent sponsor and how it differs from private equity. 

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Chris Parisi | Why M&A Isn’t About the Numbers

M&A is never just about chasing numbers…. It’s about the people who trust you with their business… A business that represents generations of hard work—and a family’s legacy. My guest Chris Parisi knows this well. At Carl Marks Advisors, which has been around since 1925, Chris secures clean exits for lower middle market business owners. In this episode, Chris shares some of Carl Marks Advisors’ storied history and reveals how he fights for the best outcomes for his clients.

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Rubicon - Sly Buford | Strategies for the Lower Middle Market

Sly Buford | Strategies for the Lower Middle Market

How do you get owners to stop thinking like operators… And start thinking like investors? For the lower middle market, this mindset shift is crucial for a clean exit. In this episode, I talk to Sly Buford, founder, and CEO of Tenth Street Group, which specializes in helping lower middle market businesses grow, scale, and exit. Sly had an unconventional path to becoming an investor, and he’s here to share how he found M&A success.

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