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If your business uses computers or accesses the internet, you’re vulnerable to a variety of cyber-related events – most of which can be protected by cyber liability security and privacy.

D&O provides coverage for business related suits brought against companies and owners, personally which do not fall under the general liability or professional liability policies.

Businesses that offer retirement benefits (401k), health insurance, or any other monetary benefit to employees are liable to civil litigation and government action. Fiduciary is the ONLY product that protects employers from these exposures.

If you provide specialized services to others for a fee, you are contractually required in most cases to carry professional liability.

Every company in the healthcare industry has some exposures to Medical Malpractice. Medical Malpractice isn’t just for doctors and hospitals, every business that either directly or indirectly supports or manages the delivery of patient care is vulnerable to malpractice. MPL is the only way to cover this exposure no matter how remote.

A specific legal defense product for physicians, facilities and other entities engaged in billing and collecting reimbursements for both public and private payors. It pays legal defense costs, including fines and penalties for allegations of Medicare/Medicaid fraud, STARK proceedings and HIPAA.