Arthur Cirulnick | The Most Important Document in Your M&A Deal

If you’re considering your first deal, why not get the perspective from someone who has successfully completed over 500 deals in the past 30 years.

The decision to buy or sell a business is an important one… and it’s often not a straightforward process, says M&A advisor Arthur Cirulnick of Venable LLP.

You want somebody in your corner who knows what they’re doing. That’s especially true when, as is the case with many companies, this is your first time doing it.

Arthur shares details on the deals he’s seen go very wrong… and how things were patched up. He also highlights the best practices behind what should be in every M&A deal: the due diligence memo.

Listen now to find out…

  • Why in-house counsel isn’t the best choice to shepherd your next merger or acquisition
  • The 6+ issues a due diligence memo can reveal
  • The Green, Yellow, Red System for gauging risk
  • How to save money on your R&W insurance premiums
  • And more

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