Stephen Hohenrieder | Investment Trends in the Food Industry

Today, I speak with Stephen Hohenrieder about M&A in a sector we ALL use EVERY DAY – food.  After hearing this conversation, you won’t look at food the same way again!

Where does our food come from? Who makes it… and how? It’s those sorts of questions that guide Stephen Hohenrieder as he invests private equity in all levels of the value chain in the food industry.

There is a sea of change going on in how consumers relate to food, and Stephen, the chief executive and chief investment officer for a single family office, says it’s prime time to invest in this trend.

Tune in to find out…

  • The differences between strategic investing versus venture capital in this industry
  • Why “pre-industrial” food is sweeping the nation
  • The role of Big Ag, food companies, small farmers, public policymakers, investors, and more
  • How owners and founders can grow while maintaining integrity
  • The only way food companies can stay relevant with customers
  • And more

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