Patrick Krause | What Makes Healthcare Sector M&A Deals Different

In our conversation, Patrick Krause explains the unique balance healthcare companies must make between quality of care and  profitability, as well how the healthcare sector is unique to any other business today.

Healthcare companies are a different animal than businesses in other industries in a lot of ways. And that means you need a different approach when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Patrick Krause, a director at investment bank MHT Partners focused on healthcare, has shepherded a lot of deals in this sector. He shares how he helps turn M&A transactions into win-win-win deals, where both buyers and sellers are happy – and patients benefit, too.

Tune in to find out…

  • How to bridge the gap between medicine and business
  • The extra steps you must take to invest in certain healthcare-related businesses
  • The four “sectors” in the healthcare industry – and how to handle each
  • Ways to increase profits but also quality of care to patients
  • And much more

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