Mihir Jobalia | Why M&A Is Today’s Clear Exit Strategy

Today, we discuss the details behind the best practices to exiting with M&A.

In an era when few companies go IPO and there are even fewer unicorns, M&A is more popular than ever, says Mihir Jobalia, a veteran of KPMG’s Silicon Valley operation.

In fact, among VC-backed companies in the last 10 to 15 years, he estimates that more than 90% exit through M&A. And business in the last few years has been especially good.

We dive deep into what makes the current environment so appealing to M&A, who the big players are, and best practices for companies hoping to exit with this strategy.

Check out the interview to find out…

  • The top 3 factors for the current strong M&A market
  • Two things founders can do now to attract potential buyers
  • Why the Rule of 40 is so important to PE firms – and how to achieve it
  • The financials investors want to see before they commit to a deal
  • And more

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