Michael Frank | The Rise of Revesting in M&A

Here’s a conversation regarding revesting, a staple in tech M&A designed to favor not only buyers, but owners, founders, and their investors.

The practice of revesting has radically changed the M&A landscape in recent years, says Michael Frank, partner at Hogan Lovells. It provides advantages to both buyers and owners and founders.

Michael explains why revesting has become so widespread – especially in Silicon Valley – and the best way to approach these types of deals. It’s something you have to keep in mind from the earliest discussions between buyer and seller. He also discusses the tax implications that are important to keep in mind that can guide how such deals are structured.

Tune in to discover…

  • The types of companies where revesting is a no-brainer
  • Key differences between earn outs and revesting
  • How to avoid costly tax issues
  • Why revesting makes sense for buyers and sellers
  • And more

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