Jim Reilly | The Data Breach that Cost $500 Million

Today, we discuss why cybersecurity is a necessity for companies considering an M&A transaction. If your company doesn’t use the Internet, you can skip this program.

Hackers, corporate espionage, identity theft, ransomware…

Any company connected to the Internet (and that’s all of them) is vulnerable to these attacks, says Jim Reilly, founder of Stonepine Advisors.

These days, without a cybersecurity strategy, your business’s vital financial data, corporate secrets, and customer information is there for the taking.

Not only can a breach impact profitability… but it can also put a serious damper on any upcoming or ongoing M&A deal.

But we’re not talking simple anti-virus software for your PCs and putting a password on your WiFi.

You have to get hackers working for you, says Jim. And that’s just the first step.

We cover all the ins-and-outs of cybersecurity in 2018, with a focus on how it intersects with M&A, including…

  • What cyber due diligence looks like
  • Using “pen-tests” to find soft spots in your networks
  • What industries need cybersecurity the most
  • A specialized insurance covering cyber issues – and who qualifies
  • And more

Listen now…


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